A Few Ideas To Help You In Grape And Wine Kitchen Decor

Published: 22nd June 2010
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The kitchen more often than not becomes the gathering place for the home, so it is worth the time and effort to make this room an inviting, beautiful space. Grape and wine kitchen decor can do just that, by creating an aura of hospitality that begs for good food, drink and friends. The good news is that grape and wine kitchen decor is a popular style today, so it is easy to find plenty of options to round out your kitchen theme. We have a few ideas to help you add style and sophistication to your home with this theme.

Color Ideas

When you think about good wine, what colors come to mind? The rich burgundies of a good Merlot, or the pale gold of a Chardonnay. You can bring those hues into your grape and wine kitchen decor, by painting the walls pale gold and adding burgundy or plum accents for warmth and depth. When you think of grapes, deep green vines also come to mind, so green shades are another good option for this style.

An Old World look for grape and wine kitchen decor will often include wall texturizing as well, to make the walls look weathered and so European. You can find texturizing kits at your local hardware store that can be mixed with the shade of your choice for a truly unique look to your kitchen.

Windows and Floors

Window coverings in grape and wine kitchen decor should be light and airy to allow in as much sun as possible. Stick with solid colors in coordinating shades, and don't be afraid to add a bit of beads or fringe for extra pizzazz. Include tiebacks that will allow you to keep the windows open and sunny during the day, but can be drawn at night for additional privacy if you have neighbors nearby.

You can also opt for a border on your window coverings that will stick with the grape and wine kitchen decor. Many stores offer just such a style or you can stencil your own using a solid colored curtain, fabric paint and a stencil for some grape vine kitchen decor.

Floors can be accented with throw rugs in the grape and wine kitchen decor, whether you go for braided rugs in a deep burgundy shade or decorative rugs that follow the same theme.

These accents will look lovely on ceramic tile, wood and vinyl flooring alike, and will help to hide flooring that you are less than thrilled with. Because of the popularity of grape and wine kitchen decor, you can find rugs bordered with fruit or a Mediterranean theme that will make a lovely backdrop to the rest of the room.

Grape and wine kitchen decor is a perfect solution to warming up a drab space and creating a warm, inviting gathering spot for family and friends. With deep, rich hues and plenty of options in accessories, it is no wonder why grape and wine kitchen decor has become one of the most popular styles around.

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