Exciting Wedding Shower Invitation Ideas

Published: 06th August 2010
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Wedding showers are almost always exclusive for women, although there are some showers that also have some men in them. One thing that can set the tone of the wedding shower is the kind of wedding shower invitation that is sent to the guests. There are a lot of wedding shower invitation ideas that are affordable but unique at the same time.

The wedding shower invitation can also complement your wedding invitation. There are many unique wedding invitation ideas that can correspond with the wedding shower invitation.

Think Out of the Box or the Square

Most invitations are shaped in the regular square or rectangular shape. You can have a truly unique one by thinking out of the square frame of mind and opening your mind to other possibilities. Some wedding shower invitation ideas revolve around invitations that are cut to shape. This means that if there is a bouquet of flowers on the invitation, it can be cut to shape the blooms or the basic silhouette of the bouquet.

Other wedding shower invitation ideas regarding the shape of the invitation can be in a scroll form. This is especially unique if your theme for the wedding shower is Egyptian or Roman or has something a connection to a scroll. Some wedding shower invitation ideas can be in the form of a folding fan or a compact disc which contains the invitation in a presentation.

Invitations do not necessarily need to be in the traditional square form. You can have fun with many different wedding shower invitation ideas by thinking out of the box and experimenting with different concepts.

Virtual Wedding Shower Invitation Ideas

Some people may prefer a virtual wedding shower invitation in lieu of a tangible one. This preference could have a number of factors such as saving on postage, saving the environment from trash and others. Wedding shower invitation ideas for virtual invitations can include songs to go with the invitation as well as some presentations that can show what to expect from the shower.

Virtual wedding shower invitations are getting more and more popular due to the convenience that they give. There are some people, though, who prefer the traditional forms of invitations over the virtual ones.

These wedding shower invitation ideas are applicable these days and very practical. Homemade wedding shower invitations can be made to fit the personal style and preferences of the host of the shower as well as the bride to be.

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