Fun And Trendy Ladies Golf Club Covers

Published: 05th May 2010
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With women now penetrating the golfing world, fashion as well as sporting manufacturers has been ablaze in trying to find a way to attract women to buy there products. Nike, Addidas, and many more have launched colorful lines of clothing and golf accessories to please their female customers.

With all the accessories out there, perhaps the most difficult to design are ladies gold club covers. But there are thousands and hundreds of ladies golf club covers. You can pick from any design you want online or you can make one. Surely you want to protect those precious golf club sets of yours. You can do that and still maintain your sense of style, fashion and even playfulness.

Ladies Golf Club Covers Online

There are fun and playful ladies golf club covers online. Internet sites such as Hundreds of Ladies Golf Club Covers For fun, offers a variety of designs. They have designs like Winnie the pooh, crocheted flowers, stuffed animals. The possibility is really endless.

If you're the conservative type there are designs that play on color but are not too fru fru and you can find them on There designs are really pretty, but they emulate the regular golf club cover while giving it a twist by using different types of materials and cloth.

Make Them

To further accentuate your style you can always make your own ladies golf club cover. All you need is patience a sense of creativity, imagination and style. Of course you need the materials too, so here are the basics. For one ladies golf club cover, you will need about half a meter of cloth, in any design or color that suits you. Needles, thread, garters, zipper, measuring tape for measuring the dimension of your golf club, and if you have a mini sewing machine the better.

First thing you must do to make a ladies golf club cover, is to measure the dimensions of your golf club. Measure the Head, the shaft up to where you want your ladies golf club cover's neck will be. If you want fitted ladies golf club head cover measure the head like your measuring your vital statistics.

Put your measuring tape at the widest part of the golf club head, then the top part, then near the neck. After listing down the dimensions of your golf club, envision how you would like your ladies golf club cover to look like. Using the dimensions and measurement you've draw a pattern on a card board using a pencil.

Cut out the patterns and put it on top of the cloth. Trace the patterns on the cloth and cut them. Mark the patterns with numbers so you don't get confused. Then sew them on together. Sew from the inside then turn the ladies golf club cover inside out. Voila you have your own home made ladies golf club cover.

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