Informal Wedding Invitation Wording Provides Fun And Creativity

Published: 21st June 2010
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Formal wedding invitations have a certain protocol to follow in terms of how the invitation looks and how it is worded. However, if you are planning an informal, less than traditional affair, you can unleash your creativity and have fun with your informal wedding invitation wording. In fact, your entire wedding invitation can be much more colorful and whimsical, giving your guests a good preview of the festivities to come. If you are looking for the best informal wedding invitation wording, we have all the tips you need to get those invites out in style.

A Foreshadowing of Things to Come

If you are having a non-traditional wedding ceremony, your informal wedding invitation wording can alert guests to that fact so they can dress appropriately and plan correctly for your celebration. For example, many informal wedding ceremonies take place in the great outdoors; on a beach or in a park.

By alerting your guests to the venue through your informal wedding invitation wording, they will know to dress according to the weather and the terrain that they will be spending the day on. Let's face it; a sandy beach isn't exactly the place for formal dresses and stiletto pumps!

Allow for Creativity

Are you a poet or a graphic artist? Your informal wedding invitation wording can let your creative juices flow, by coming up with your own wording to invite guests to your special day. Some popular things to incorporate into informal wedding invitation wording might include the lyrics of a favorite song (maybe YOUR song!) or a poem you particularly love.

Quotes from books or movies can also be good choices for this purpose. If you are a wordsmith in your own right, come up with your own witty way to announce your special union to your immediate world. The sky is the limit with casual wedding invitation wording.

Keep the Basics

Sure, we just said that creativity reins, but there are a few basics you want to make sure to include in your informal wedding invitation wording. The full names of the couple tying the knot would be at the top of the list, followed by the place, time and date of the ceremony. If you are having a reception after the ceremony, this would be important information to include as well.

Your wedding isn't going to follow the traditional lines of protocol and your informal wedding invitation wording doesn't have to either. As long as you have the basic information included on your invites, you can get creative and have some fun with this pre-wedding task.

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