Making Wine Theme Kitchen Decor Work On

Published: 16th April 2010
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Wine theme kitchen decor can add a touch of the rustic Mediterranean to your home. It can make your kitchen look stylish and upscale, especially if you do it in a way that works well. If you are going to remodel then you may wish to consider wine theme kitchen decor if it is something that would be in keeping with your character and personal taste.

It is easy to find kitchen decor accessories and accent pieces that have a vineyard theme. You can purchase such items at the stores in your municipality or via the internet. However, making the wine theme kitchen decor work well is a little trickier. As with every other room that is decorated with a particular theme you can easily make things look excessively garish if you don't put some thought into what you are doing.

Start with the Basics

If you choose wine theme kitchen decor it is best to start with the basics before you buy any accent pieces or accessories that are reminiscent of vineyards. Begin by choosing materials and paint colors. Natural rustic materials such as stone, marble and granite tend to compliment wine theme kitchen decor.

You should also choose paint colors that are in keeping with your vineyard theme. For instance, warm yellow, oatmeal, terra cotta, leaf green and a light reddish-purple that is similar to the color of grapes could work very well in such a kitchen. Once you have chosen your materials and colors you will then be in a position to choose matching wine theme kitchen decor accent pieces and accessories.

Keep it Simple

When you are searching for wine theme kitchen decor accessories try not to go over the top. If you insist on making sure that every picture, bowl, plate, table cloth, dish towel and window dressing has a vineyard theme then the overall effect will be course and excessive. It is better to limit the number of wine theme kitchen decor items. The idea here is to suggest rather than insist. Stick a wine rack or two, some decorative bottles, a few ceramics, a candle holder and a couple of prints that have a vineyard theme.

If you don't want your kitchen to look too complicated you had best avoid tablecloths, drapes, place mats and wall clocks with a wine theme, especially if they clash with the rest of the decor. By keeping it simple your kitchen will look classy and chic. If you have made it work well your guests will be reminded of elegant country homes in the heart of rural Italy rather than the latest discounts on offer at their local liquor store.

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