Making Your Personal Wedding Invitation Card

Published: 02nd June 2010
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A wedding invitation card is where the bridal couple indicates the time and place that the wedding will take place as well as other small details which the guests will find handy to know. There are a lot of choices for the sort of wedding invitation card that the couple might like to have. There are even DIY wedding invitation templates and options available on the internet which can be bought and downloaded. The couple can also opt to make their own wedding invitation cards equipped with the right materials and editing program.

Making A Unique Wedding Invitation Card

There are ways to make a wedding invitation card unique and outstanding even if it were not made by a stationery store. Tips on making your own personalized invitation are to make the paper thick enough to withstand being shipped during damp weather or heavy enough to withstand being passed around without crumpling slightly.

A wedding invitation card should coordinate with the other cards that are usually sent out with the invitation. It is usually good form to use similarly designed paper for both the invitation and the menu card or RSVP card. Other cards that may be included when sending out the wedding invitation card are the wedding registry card and the seat plan card.

One other thing that may also be included in the wedding invitation card and envelope is the entourage list. The entourage list may be written in a different kind of paper since traditionally it is written in see through or very thin paper. These days, some couples do not include the entourage list in the wedding invitation card when it is sent out unless the wedding is a really big wedding in which there are a lot of people whom the couple would like to acknowledge.

Other tips to making your own wedding invitation card are to design it with something tangible already in mind and to make it simple enough to be understood and appreciated by the receiving guests. It may take some tweaking to reach a design that both the bride and groom will agree on but it is best to send out the wedding invitation cards about a month or three weeks before the wedding to allow guests to schedule it in their calendars. The wedding invitation card should also be precise when stating acts. Wording the invitation may be tricky so it is best to keep it simple and to the point to avoid confusion.

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