Some Models Of Ladies Handbag

Published: 22nd June 2010
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Ladies handbag has become very popular since the year 1670's. Because they complement every outfit you wear, they have been deemed necessary in completing your ensemble. Whether you use it for going to the beach or the malls, the ladies handbag will always be called an "accessory" of your everyday outfits.

With the turn of the conventional to the contemporary world, the ladies handbag made a huge step of change. Ever since then, bags of different styles and designs have come out in the market. Today, they have become so immensely used that even the way they are worn carries a meaning and purpose.

Ladies Handbag - The Sling Style

Ladies handbag can be used in a sling style manner. Often times, they are called the mailman or the satchel handbag. More often than not, this type of handbag is used in universities for comfort purposes. At times, these bags are used by women during the summer to put all their necessities inside one bag. Because you do not need to carry anything, your walk going to school or some other place becomes a lot more comfortable compared to wearing other styles of handbags.

Ladies Handbag - The Clutch or Envelope Type

The clutch type of ladies handbag is also called an envelope bag. This type of bag is used mostly during the night. Whenever you attend formal parties or even night outs, you can use this type of handbag to complete your outfit. Mostly, the use of clutch bag is limited to night time use. But if you choose the vintage type of envelope bag, you can definitely use it in the mornings and even during the night.

Ladies Handbag - The Shoulder Strap

The shoulder handbag is perhaps the most common type of ladies handbag. Because they are comfortable to wear, a lot of designers craft this kind of handbag. The most popular shoulder bags are the ones that are big and classy. You can match them with any outfit while still obtaining functionality from it. The shoulder straps can either be too long or too short depending on the preferences of the buyer.

Ladies Handbag - The Literal Hand Bag

There are also literal hand bags that a woman can wear on her arm or carry with the use of her hands. This type of hand bag has straps where you can conveniently and comfortably carry the bag through your hands. Just like the other types of ladies handbag, this kind of purse has been sported for hundreds, if not thousands of years already.

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