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Published: 11th May 2010
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Brita portable water filters are the world's best known brand of portable drinking water filters. They are about the only brand that makes enough money to have television commercials. You can find Brita products, especially the Brita water pitcher, in just any department and hardware store in North America and Europe. But just because it's popular doesn't mean if Brita portable water filters are right for you.

Not a Purifier

One misconception that some people have about Brita portable water filters is that they can purify water. This is not the case. It can't take the salt out of salt water, for example, but it can remove heavy metals and dangerous bacteria that can get into your tap water. A water purifier is a lot more expensive and a lot more complex because there are just so many incredibly tiny things to remove from water.

Besides seawater, other things a Brita portable water filter can't remove from your tap water are radiation and many types of bacteria. However, these are problems the average North American and European homeowner won't have much problems with in their home tap water. But don't take a Brita pitcher with you to a campsite and try to use it for water from the local creek.

What is It?

Brita portable water filters are similar to strainers or colanders. Except for letting the cooking water drain and keeping the cooked pasta ready for your plate, a water filter has very tiny mesh holes that can catch some large pieces of dirt, chlorine and heavy metals that you really don't want in your drinking water. All of these things not only aren't that great for you to drink, they also make the water taste peculiar.

The water filtration media in Brita cartridges tends to be a combination of activated charcoal and an "ion exchange resin". This all acts like a colander with very, very tiny holes. The industry has units called microns, which is the size of a particle that's held back from going into your water. The smaller the micron for your water filter, the better.


Although a Brita portable water purifier is better than nothing for many homes, it's not the most efficient water filtration system you can get. It's a slow drip filter and needs to have the very expensive cartridges replaced every two to three months. You also have to throw away the first gallon or so of water because it has charcoal dust in it.

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