Wonderful Choice to Your Workplace: Xraytees X Ray Markers

Published: 22nd February 2011
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The X ray markers are also known as the lead markers, the Pb markers, radiographic film identification markers, or the x-ray lead markers. The main function of these markers is marking the x-ray films in the hospitals or the industrial workplaces. You will also find the marker on the airplane parts and the motors. Most products are equipped with the right and left letter and the initials of the technologist.

A manufacturer of the X ray markers is the Xraytees. You will be able to find various types of the marker which you can choose. The product of the Xraytees has the high quality and the high durability. You will be able to use the markers for the longer time. It is suitable for the X ray students, the chiropractors, the veterinarians, the physicians, the X ray classes, and the radiology technologist.

There are various markers available in the Xraytees. The standard X ray markers even have various options. For the first option, you can choose the Set #7025. In a set, you can get the R and L markers as the symbol of the right and the left. You will also get the markers with the initials. To point the direction, you can use the lead arrow marker. Those lead markers are embedded in the molded plastic so it can last for the longer time.

The size of the markers is 7/8 x 1-5/8 inch x 1/8 inch outside dimensions. When buying this product, you will get more than three initials or numbers. This company applies the principles where both sets of the markers must have the same initials. The price of the product when you buy it in set and buy it separately is different.

Another option for the marker which you can choose is the Markers with the Initials #7001. This marker is equipped with the initials which indicate the left and the right. The dimension is inch x inch. The marker consists of two or three initials or the numbers. You can order the marker as the 2 left or 2 Right. Another choice is the R & L set.

If you feel this marker is not suitable for you, you can try the markers With Initials & Arrow #7005. The dimension of this marker is inch for the R and inch for the Left side. For the arrow marker, it has inch size. When you buy this set, it is also including up to 3 initials or numbers.

When you visit the Xraytees, you will see the choices provided by the Manufacturer. The markers are available in various colors. There is pink, blue, red, and even black color. All the products from the Xraytees are embedded in the molded plastic material which makes it becomes durable and last for the longer time.

If you want to buy the X ray markers, it is better for you to check some consumer reviews to know the advantage and the disadvantage of the product. You may also want to check the portable Xray for another option.

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